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‘Snivelling’: Anchors war over royal doco

‘Snivelling’: Anchors war over royal doco

Two of Britain’s most high-profile news anchors have kicked off in a public slanging match over Prince Harry and Meghan’s documentary about their trip to southern Africa.

On Monday, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan tweeted a string of messages slamming the couple for the show in which they bared all about living in the public spotlight.

“Imagine being two staggeringly privileged royal multi-millionaires going to Africa to make a documentary that supposedly ‘shines a light’ on poverty, violence against women/girls & racial inequality — then in fact making it all about their own terrible struggle? I mean, FFS,” he said.

“I have no issue with Meghan based on her ethnicity, and have never written any racist dogwhistling pieces about her or anybody else. I just found her to be a social climbing fake & always take people as I find them.”

The former tabloid editor said the couple are “full of self-pitying crap & need to get a grip of themselves before they do real damage to the royal family.”

Morgan has been a high-profile critic of the couple and has previously blasted Meghan for ghosting him after they met for a drink in London.

His acerbic tweets were challenged by BBC Breakfast host Walker, who had praised the couple for their honesty and said they seemed very much in love.

“Imagine being given a TV show & a newspaper column & using them both to pick on a woman who didn’t want to go out for a second drink with you,” Walker tweeted back.

Morgan then asked Walker how it felt to be the“dullest, most excruciatingly virtue-signalling, tediously opinion-devoid, toe-curlingly snivelling sycophant on TV? ps For the record, I never asked Meghan for a drink, she asked me,” he said.

The “jousting” descended into a comparisons of Twitter followers and is the latest in a string of high-profile clashes on social media as their rival shows go head-to-head.

The pair are reportedly friendly when not clashing online according to The Sun.

It comes as royal insiders spoke with concern over the waves the documentary has made behind palace doors.

A source told The Times it is no surprise Prince Harry is charting his own course in life now that he has his own wife and family.

“One of them has a predestined path, and the other hasn't,” the official said about the difference between the two brothers. “It is not surprising that in any family where you reach a new chapter, that takes a little time to settle back in and figure out your new routine.

“He is no longer the baby brother that is across the courtyard, and the third wheel to the two of them [the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge]”.

Royal author Phil Dampier said the Queen and other royals are “very worried about the direction Harry and Meghan are taking and it’s very serious.”

He told The Times he “would not be surprised” if the couple decided to step out of the spotlight entirely.

The ITV documentary sparked an outpouring of sadness and sympathy for the couple after revealed they were struggling to “thrive” as a couple under the intense media spotlight.

In addition to revelations of a rift between the Princes, Meghan also opened up about the difficulty of being pregnant under the watchful eye of the British tabloids.

It also showed the immense pain of Prince Harry as he retraced the footsteps of his late mother Princess Diana in Angola where she had worked to clear landmines shortly before her death in 1997.

He met the woman she cuddled on her lap at 13-years-old, who said she now had five children, one of whom was called Diana.

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