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04:42 PM, 10 Nov 2019 ,

Seinfeld actor found ‘eaten by vultures’

Seinfeld actor found ‘eaten by vultures’

The abandoned Fiat — which contained the remains of his pug, Boo-Boo Bear — was stuck, though there was evidence of attempts to free the car, authorities said.

Police discovered Levin’s body at the bottom of a ravine, where they believe he fell trying to get help. He was naked without “external genitalia present” and had been partially consumed by vultures.

Authorities reportedly had to use a rope and pulley system to retrieve the remains.

Levin, who was in the process of moving from one part of the state to another, is believed to have gotten lost on his way to his new home and accidentally succumbed to the elements after he was unable to find his way back.

The area Levin was found is known for having terrain that’s difficult to drive on, with little to no signs and where GPS doesn’t work, the Daily Mail reported.

Authorities believe Levin was trying to return home by way of back roads when he got turned around on the notoriously difficult terrain. His car was reportedly damaged as it was found with a broken mirror and dents that appeared to come from hitting trees. Authorities reportedly believe Levin left his car in an attempt to get help when he fell down the slope and died. His death has reportedly been ruled an accident.

“There were signs of animal scavenging likely in the form of turkey vultures, as there was evidence of bird faeces on and around the body,” the report stated.

Levin – who played the mohel in the 1993 Seinfeld episode “The Bris” – was best known for portraying Elliot Novak in the sitcom Alice.

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