By Jacob Walker
12:00 PM, 10 Nov 2019 , metro

Mariah Carey completely destroys TikTok’s Fantasy Challenge with her dance moves

Mariah Carey just did the most Mariah Carey thing by participating in TikTok’s Fantasy challenge just because it was her song and no one else knows it like she does.

The 49-year-old made fans squeal with delight when she uploaded a TikTok of herself dancing to her famous song Fantasy, putting every other challenge video to shame.,

She captioned the video: ‘Just for laughs #FantasyChallenge’

The challenge simply involves following a simple dance that matches with the lyrics of the 1995 song.

Mariah danced it out to the lyrics: ‘Oh, when you walk by every night/ Talkin’ sweet and lookin’ fine/ I get kinda hectic inside/ Mmm, baby, I’m so into you/ Darlin’, if you only knew,’ before she walked up to the camera to shut it off.’

She dropped it down with so much sass that there is no turning back now.

We’re all expecting dance videos every week.

One fan commented what we were all thinking: ‘You’re the queen of tiktok Mariah’, along with a crying face.

Another fan wrote: ‘singer, songwriter, producer, queen of christmas, DANCER mimi does it all!!!’

Now that’s its nearing Christmas, Mariah is just getting stronger and stronger.

Mariah recently uploaded a video signalling she had awoken for her yearly Christmas routine.

The pop icon recently fired the starting gun on the festive season with a typically brilliant Instagram video.

In the clip, Mariah – known for hits like Honey and It’s Like That – is seen going to sleep on 31 October in a glam rock look, after attending Heidi Klum’s Halloween party.

Then, come 1 November, the singer receives a call from Santa himself.

Upon waking, an ever childlike Mariah is seen to have magically slipped into her Xmas pyjamas.

And now, naturally, all we want for Christmas is a pair.

The real question is how hard is it to get Mariah to sing All I Want For Christmas Is You on repeat while she hangs out with us during the entirety of the Christmas season?

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